Prior Classes

Previously, I have taught mathematics and finance at Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Bogazici, Princeton, Koc, Sabanci and ETH. Courses I taught include all undergraduate mathematics courses, statistics, mathematical finance, probability, real analysis, measure theory, functional analysis and partial differential equations. At ETH, I have offered the following courses:

Fall 2009 Stochastic Optimal Control
Spring 2010 Financial Markets with Friction
Fall 2010: Functional Analysis I  Mathematical Finance
Spring 2011 Functional Analysis II  G-Expectations and Nonlinear Martingales
Fall 2011 Mathematical Finance
Spring 2012 Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Fall 2012 Functional Analysis I
Spring 2013 Functional Analysis II
Fall 2013 Topics in PDE: Viscosity Solutions
Spring 2014 Stochastic Optimal Control
Fall 2014 Sabbatical Leave
Spring 2015 Introduction to Mathematical Finance
Fall 2015 Mathematical Finance
Spring 2016 Probability and Statistics
Fall 2016 Analysis III  Mean Field Games


Mete Soner, 
Norman John Sollenberger Professor
Sherrerd Hall 328, Charlton Street
Princeton, NJ 08544
Office: 328 Sherrerd Hall
Phone: 609-258-5130

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